Freedom to dissent

Legislation that would have increased the scope of Stem Cell research in Massachusetts was vetoed by the Governor, Mitt Romney because he is opposed to the idea of human embryo cloning.

Following expectations that he would again reject the Legislature’s plan to sanction embryonic stem cell research, Romney announced his veto of the bill last week. In his veto message, the governor said he could not “in good conscience” allow the bill to become law due to his objections to embryonic cloning and changing the definition of when human life begins.[Gov vetoes stem cell bill]

But then not wanting to be Kansas, the legislature overturned the veto.
Iin California, there was a voter initiative to fund stem cell research and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his support for it. Now here is the interesting thing – both Mitt Romney and Arnold Schwarzenegger are Republicans.
It is a sign of maturity in politics that two diametrically opposite view points can be held by people in the same party and they can express it publicly without fear of retribution from the high-command. The freedom of expression that Americans have is not curtailed by the leadership of political parties

3 thoughts on “Freedom to dissent

  1. The freedom of expression will come, only when people are not afraid to express, and not afraid of the people high above. This does not only mean the political leaders or the higher officials. But first it has to be there with in the family.
    When all the indians get the freedom to think on their own with in the family and not afraid to speak about it with in their family, they might realize what is freedom with in their soceity and country. Till the time we are afraid to speak with in the family, we will never get the freedom outside it.

  2. Mitt Romney is my governor. The only reason he opposes stem cell research is because he’s running for President, so he has to court the conservative base. Schwarzenegger, on the other hand is not.

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