A new Khan on the block

In India when you think of Khans, the people that come to mind are the leading actors in the film industry, Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir. From Pakistan, more famous than Imran Khan is AQ Khan, who even appeared on the cover of Time Magazine. Now here comes another Khan, following the trendsetting path set by AQ.

A Pakistani businessman illegally exported devices from the United States that could be used to test, develop and detonate nuclear weapons, the government alleged on Friday.
A federal indictment against Humayun A. Khan was unsealed along with a guilty plea by his alleged partner, who admitted routing high-speed electrical switches through South Africa to avoid raising authorities’ suspicions. The switches – which can be used in medical and military devices – were then shipped to Pakistan.
The United States prohibits the export of the switches, also known as “triggered spark gaps,” to Pakistan and a handful of other countries to prevent potential nuclear proliferation. [washingtonpost.com > Nation > Wires > Pakistani Accused of Exporting Devices]

I wonder if this Khan apologizes on national TV, the matter would be considered settled.

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