Adopting Globalization

1. Embrace Market Economy.
2. Red Carpet welcome to foreign investors.
3. Large scale private participation
4. Promote IT and Biotechnology
5. Close all sick PSUs
6. Get aid from World Bank and ADB
If I said this was the plan of Communists, you may not believe it. And even more unbelievable is that it comes from the Communists in Kerala. After systematically preventing any progress in Kerala, the Communists in 2005 have realized that they need to make it a prosperous state.

The CPM leadership in the state believes that its primary duty is to make Kerala a prosperous state. The leadership is realistic enough to realise that this cannot be achieved unless Kerala attracts a remarkable amount of capital to the state.
“Earlier, the party had adopted a to-be-or-not-to-be-stand on foreign capital and the aid from foreign agencies like the World Bank and the ADB. Now there is no ambiguity regarding this. The document will come out with more clarity in support of seeking aid from them,” the sources said. [CPM bid to do a Buddha in Kerala]

As the forces of globalization sweeps through commie land, how do the comrades explain this to their cadres who have been bought up on a diet of anti-globalization slogans ?
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5 thoughts on “Adopting Globalization

  1. That is interesting. However, (notorious) reputation is something that is easy to gain but hard to change. I find it hard to believe that comrades have taken a U-turn. The lack of bandhs these days is mostly due to the courts and nothing to do with political will. Infact 2 weeks back Iritty (a small Kannur town where my folks live) town witnessed much political-violence which was camoflaged as Hindu-Muslim violence. The aftermath was burning of local establishments and vehicles resulting in various groups calling bands on successive days thereby ensuring that most people spent their forced holidays indoors. Well comrades didnt do anything directly (ya directly!!).

  2. Communists have finally realised the only way out of the rut is to follow China’s example. Buddhadeb is doing it in Bengal and now hopefully this mentality takes root in Kerala. The state has little to show economically in spite of its lead in literacy and many other human development indices. Keralites still leave the state in droves and generally do better outside the state (BPL, MRF, Leela Hotels et al). Let’s hope the guys in the Center also follow the example of their comrades in the states.

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