Missing Pakistanis

When India agreed to a Pakistani demand to allow people to travel to Kashmir based on some information scribbled on a napkin, the question we asked was “Can a PoK Kashmiri entering on this LoC Crossing Permit visit other parts of India?”. Our concern was that Pakistanis would enter and disappear into India without a trace.
Now that there is peace in the region and we are bending backwards as much as possible to show flexibility, India allowed many Pakistanis to visit to see the cricket matches. Now it seems 34 of them have vanished. And these are people who traveled with passports and visas.

The Intelligence Bureau is yet to begin a probe into the “disappearance” of 34 Pakistani nationals who had come to Mohali to watch the India-Pakistan cricket match.
The IB says that a probe will be conducted by the local police. “We will only take note of the report and monitor the developments,” an IB official said on Tuesday.
The immigration department located at the border has informed both the Punjab and the Central government that of the 2,754 Pakistani cricket fans who had come to Mohali, only 2,720 had returned back.
The MEA did not seem overly concerned about the matter either. The spokesman said the ministry was unaware of the disappearance of these Pakistani citizens. [Disappearance of Pak fans to be probed: IB]

I hope they keep an eye on Musharraf when he comes.

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  2. Musharraf is taking India for a ride. This congress govt is full of idiots. Musharraf will repeat the Agra and will make fun of us in front of Indian media. Too pathetic..

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