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  1. I am amused by your lack of insight into leftist ideology. Leftist parties all over the world have always aligned themselves with people’s movements and minorities. Their solidarity with Palestinian resistance is half a century old and seeing Arafat’s posters over there is no surprise for me considering this was the year Arafat passed away. Not being anti-religion and being religious are two diffrent things. I agree that they have evolved over the years, but the modern leftist ideology (as a policy) doesn’t believe that religion is the opium of masses. But, they are dead against religion in the power circles, which as a secularist, makes complete sense to me.

  2. If they don’t believe that religion is the opium of the masses, why do they support only minorities ? It is stupid to say, we are pro-minority all over the world without analyzing the situation in each region.
    In Kerala, Communists were supported by the Hindus till now. But after the NSS-SNDP union, the Communists have realized that they are going to lose the Hindu vote. This is just a blatent attempt to balance that with Muslim vote. There is no ideology behind this.

  3. I should clarify my statement. Left parties always supported the underdogs – in a democracy, in most cases, naturally that would mean supporting minorities. They try to make sure minority rights are protected. In that sense, they support the lower caste, muslims and other backward communities in their struggle to get better – what is wrong wiht that? They are 100% behind lower caste, who are hindus too. So, it is a ridiculous argument that they are against hindus. If it is all about vote banks, the best bet is to play the hindutwa card, which the BJP did and they became a national power in no time. At a certain level, i agree they are all politicians and they all share opportunistic mindset. but there is a fundamental difference between the left parties and the rest, which definitely has to do with the fact that they don’t endorse religions and they absolutely want to separate religion from the state business.

  4. ” Left parties always supported the underdogs – in a democracy, in most cases, naturally that would mean supporting minorities”
    This statement is patently false. Kashmir’s religious minority has been thrown out of the valley, and is rotting in refugee camps. Far from doing anything for this persecuted minority, the communists project them in a negative light every chance they get, spreading lies such as that they left the valley on their own at Jagmohan’s instance etc. No hartals are called, no demos are held, no Assembly or Parliament is halted by the Left to press the pandits’ case. Non-Muslim Minorities are being persecuted all over the Muslim world, including in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Ahmadiyas are declared as non-Muslim and Hindus of course are driven out. Only Sunni males enjoy any considerable rights. But the Left doesn’t even make an attempt at protesting this persecution.

  5. I will sign off saying this. As far as I know, atleast in theory, Left parties have supported the refugees cause in Kashmir. Sure, they may not have found them to be a significant strength to benefit their vote bank, so the effort has been less on that regard, I’d think. (As I said, at a certain level, politicians think only about votes). Now, you mentioned about religious minorities in other parts of the world – you would be surprised to see that in each of those countries, it is the left parties who are taking the cause of the minorities – that includes left parties of Pakistan and the reformists of Iran. Throughout the middle east, it is the left leaning organization who are fighting on end to ensure equal right for men, women and minorities.

  6. If you have seen Anbe Sivam (tamil), they’ll clearly portray the (evil) capitalist as a devout Siva-bhakthan who would want Kamal dead. The Christian nun will be shown as the savior. I heard that this movie was very much appreciated by Kerala commies.

  7. Most commies in Kerala have family members working in other countries – so they oppose globalization. They conduct their marriages in temples, but oppose religion (Hinduism). I don’t know if Marx or Mao wrote – Religion is poision, but minority religions should be sucked up to.

  8. I remember what once Com.EMS clarified.
    Religion be a private affair. It should not be for public or for any gain.
    Whatever Mao or Stalin have said, there is revisionism in Marxism. The Marxist leaders are the only ones to have donated all their assets to the party whereas none you can find in any other party. This is a small indication to you to learn their attitude to party, people and system.
    Can you quote anybody in RSS, Hindu Mahasabha, BJP, Congress,VHP or any others committed to their principles?
    It is easy to criticize poor people.But is there any politician who has stepped down during his tenure like a Raaja or willing to leave the chair like the great Jyothi Basu ? Name one in the world.
    Before being biased and think of writing, look at the facts and reality. Let us be human beings first and work for the society’s good. Let us not be selfish and politically biased.

  9. Diwakar Shenoy, We are talking about Communists and religion here and not on people who have donated assets to the party.

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