Thank you God

I have been watching so many Hindi movies and at the end of each one I wonder, “Which brain dead person wrote this one ?”. But then I read this note from Suketu Mehta in National Geographic and was happy that this story did not get made into a movie. 

Hanging out with Shah Rukh Khan was great fun. He told me about the kind of bizarre scripts people propose to him. In one story idea given to him by a politician, Shah Rukh’s character dies. But there is no human body available for reincarnation. So he is born again as a dog. After nine months, he falls in love with a woman.

The politician had spent hundreds of thousands of rupees buying puppies and training them. He had many books about dogs on his table. I asked Shah Rukh if he was expected to act as the dog. In answer, he scratched his ear rapidly with his paw. [On Assignment from Bollywood]

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