Hunting down dissidents

When it comes to the Iranian influence on the events in Balochistan, you get confusing signals from Pakistan. While officials in Islamabad think  there is no influence, officials in Balochistan think otherwise. Officially Iran has also stated that they are not playing in Balochistan.
Now in an intriguing event, an Iranian dissident has been shot dead in Balochistan. Ahmed Mashoof along with two others had illegally
entered Balochistan and rented a house in Quetta. They were members of the
Iranian dissident group Balochistan National Front and opponents of the Iranian
Govt. According to Pakistani police, it was Iranian gunmen who shot the three.

Assailants wearing masks attacked Iranian dissidents sheltering in Quetta on Monday night, killing one of them, police said.
The gunmen opened fire with AK-47 rifles inside a house in Killi Kabir, where three Iranians were staying, said Sher Nawaz Marwat, a Quetta police official.
Ahmed Mashoof, 29, was hit by four bullets and died instantly, Marwat said. The other two Iranians were unhurt. Marwat said police were investigating to determine the motive and trace the attackers.

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