VC Money to India

Matt Marshall, investigating the anemic growth of American startups think that a lot of VC money is now going overseas, especially to India and China.

That said, Battery Ventures, which has offices in San Mateo, raised a $450 million fund in September, and recently led it’s first investment in India: $15 million in Bangalore’s Tejas Networks, which is developing optical networking products in the Indian market for a fraction of what American companies do, says partner Thomas Crotty. Battery hopes to help it expand into the U.S market with the help of a partnership with Nortel, he said. Matrix Partners, another big-name firm with offices in Menlo Park, also recently opened an office Bangalore to start investing there. They plan on about one or two a year. Stay tuned as we follow this trend — unfortunately, there are no great statistics out there that reliably quantify it. [Is VC money going abroad?]

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