Pop Quiz (3): Is Iran involved ?

Mir Jam Muhammad Yousaf, the Balochistan chief minister:

Mir Jam Muhammad Yousaf, the Balochistan chief minister, has said he could not rule out involvement of Iran, al-Qaeda or some foreign hand in the recent disturbances in the province. Talking to a private television, the chief minister said he suspected either Iran, al-Qaeda or foreign power or hardline religio-political groups opposed to the government’s policies could have been involved in the recent terrorist activities in Balochistan especially in Sui. [Balochistan CM suspects Iran may be behind disturbance]

Masood Khan, Foreign Office Spokesman:

Foreign Office Spokesman Masood Khan has ruled out Iran’s involvement in the current Balochistan mayhem, saying Pakistan’s nuclear assets are in safe hands and the country does not need foreign assistance in this regard.[Pak rules out Iran’s involvement in Balochistan mayhem]

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