Facing the challenge

Fighting globalization makes for a good political slogan, but smart politicians are the ones who know how to exploit globalization to uplift people out of poverty.

The Chief Minister said that developing countries have to face the twin challenge of adhering to the W.T.O.’s legal provisions and to secure a space for their products in the market. Referring to India’s wealth of knowledge the Chief Minister said that India might have lagged behind in the race of progress due to foreign invasions and political slavery but she has now joined the race with renewed resolve.
A number of countries have progressed well by importing Indian agricultural products, spices, and medicinal plants. Indians should learn to be proud of Swadeshi and evolve a system to ensure that poor population should benefit from globalization. For this, he said, India artisans, weavers and farmers should acquire excellence in marking of their products besides improving their quality to international standards. The state governments should play the role of facilitator in this, he added.[India capable to withstand challenge of globalization: Gaur]

Globalization forces changes on you and if you can adapt you can survive. But then anticipating this and preparing for it is half the job.

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