Tsunami shakes up the Govt.

If there were warning systems in place, many lives could have been saved. But then it takes a disaster of this magnitutde to realize how far we are behind in terms of technology or even common sense. But now the cog wheels of the bureaucracy are moving

The government on Monday decided to install seafloor pressure-recording system in the Indian Ocean to be forewarned about tsunamis and to prevent the recurrence of the catastrophe witnessed on Sunday.
The pressure-recording system, which will be imported from the US, will also strengthen the country’s cyclone warning system, considering the fact that 25 per cent of the world’s cyclones are recorded in the Bay of Bengal, Minister of State for Science and Technology Kapil Sibal told reporters in New Delhi.
The new system will be linked to existing devices called data buoys, which record sea surface parametres, he said after a meeting with the officials of his ministry.
“If the country had had such an alert system in place, then we could have warned the coastal areas of the imminent danger and prevented the loss of life,” he said.
The government has also decided to join a network of 26 countries that warn each other about changes in sea pressure and the possibility of the onset of high tidal waves caused by earthquakes under sea, Sibal said. [India to import system that detects tsunamis]

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