Meeting Ravikiran

Yesterday was a productive day as we found solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. By we I mean me and Ravikiran. Though he had made fun of Mallus many times I decided to meet him here in the Bay Area where he was visiting. But instead of giving me his phone number at the motel, he gave his fax number. I let it slide as well, afterall he gave me the GMail invite.
Though I was scared that he would knock me out with his PJs he turned out to be quite a affable person. We talked about blogs, A Roy, Nehru, and MadMan (I don’t remember exactly how Madhu came into this discussion). We also discussed the dangers of Communism, solutions on eradicating poverty and bringing world peace. Furthur discussions on this matter will be conducted at a Foregin Secretary level.
Ravikiran is now on his way back to India, where the challenging task of deleting spam comments on his blog awaits him.

5 thoughts on “Meeting Ravikiran

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