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The Information Minister of the Congress government in Andhara Pradesh state, Mohammad Ali Shabber, Monday said that 150 million Indian Muslims feel that Pakistan is following a wrong policy on Kashmir as Islam does not allow any kind of violence.
The Muslim minister said: “You Pakistanis need to understand that despite certain instances of communal violence here, we the Muslims are otherwise quite safe in our own worship places in a Hindu-dominated society. On the other hand, Pakistani Muslims are killing each other in their mosques in the name of Islam, Shiaism and Sunniism.”
Talking to a group of visiting Pakistani journalists, the minister said the Indian Muslims were enjoying fruits of secularism and democracy. Without mincing any words, he said Pakistanis need to realise that the Indian Muslims strongly support New Delhi over Kashmir and want the Pakistani government and public to stop interfering in Indian held Kashmir. This, he said, was in the best interest of everybody. [Indian Muslims back Delhi on Kashmir, claims minister]

Ouch! That should hurt a lot. The appropriate response from the other side would be to call Mohammad Ali Shabber a Hindu stooge.

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  1. “Islam does not allow any kind of violence”.
    Which Islam is the guy talking about? The Koran advocates violence against kuffars (a non-Muslim like me) unequivocally. Islam not only allows violence, it strongly advocates the murder of innocents if they are non-Muslims. It may delight a psec to believe that kind of claptrap but if one reads the Koran, one can easily understand why since Mohammed set the example, Islam has been one of the main sources of violence against humans. Check out the works of Anwar Sheikh and Ali Sina in sites like and in

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