The Only Fatherland

Sandeep has an excellent review of Arun Shourie’s book The Only Fatherland, which brings into light the anti-national activities of the Indian Communists.

When the Quit India Movement was called by Gandhi, the Communists initially supported it. Why? Stalin had then made a deal with Hitler to share certain European territories including parts of Poland. To achieve this, he sent out through the Comintern, pamphlets that the War was a war between the oppressive forces of capitalism and that the Commies should remain neutral and/or that wherever the forces of capitalism were active (read: European colonies), they needed to be opposed. Thus, Britain=Capitalist, India=British colony, therefore, oppose the British in India. The Indian Commies faithfully compiled. Not just that. In their obsession with The Marxist Gospel, they began to paint patriots–including but not limited to Gandhi–as “vultures, decadent, traitors.” Their struggle was the only true struggle, their way the only way to expel the British, and so on. As evidence, Shourie presents an array of extracts from their party letters, cartoons, and articles. One cartoon shows Subash Bose as a midget being led by Japanese imperialists, another shows him as a cur held up Goebbels. Gandhi is depicted as a kangaroo in whose pouch a frightened JP (frightened by the Commies, of course) jumps right back. And a typical passage that tarnishes the freedom fighters’ reputations:[The Only Fatherland]

Arun Shourie has been taking on the Communists for a long time. In his book Eminent Historians he gave us examples of how Communist historians are attempting to rewrite history to appease Muslims. I have not “The Only Fatherland” yet, but it is moving to the top of my list.

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  1. >>I have not “The Only Fatherland..”
    Then go, get it man! Some chapters make for tedious reading and may require you to make notes: especially of dates (they’re crucial if you want to understand the full impact of what they did).
    Anyway, thanks for the kind words.

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