Foreigners and US

There is a considerable decline in the number of foreign students entering United States and it is going to affect the country seriously.

Some Americans might say, “Good riddance, it’s their loss.” Actually the greater loss is ours. American universities benefit from having the best students from across the globe. But the single most deadly effect of this trend is the erosion of American capacity in science and technology. The U.S. economy has powered ahead in large part because of the amazing productivity of America’s science and technology. Yet that research is now done largely by foreign students. The National Science Board (NSB) documented this reality last year, finding that 38 percent of doctorate holders in America’s science and engineering work force are foreign-born. Foreigners make up more than half the students enrolled in science and engineering programs. The dirty little secret about America’s scientific edge is that it’s largely produced by foreigners and immigrants.

Americans don’t do science anymore. The NSB put out another report this year that showed the United States now ranks 17th (among nations surveyed) in the proportion of college students majoring in science and engineering. In 1975 the United States ranked third. The recent decline in foreign applications is having a direct effect on science programs. Three years ago there were 385 computer-science majors at MIT. Today there are 240. The trend is similar at Stanford, Carnegie Mellon and the University of California, Berkeley. [Rejecting the Next Bill Gates]

Defence Contractors need engineering graduates (non-software), who are US Citizens and can get clearance. Already it is tough to get plain engineering graduates and with conditions like Citizenship and it will be impossible to get employees who match this criteria. On top of this you restrict foreigners who want to study and you aggravate the issue. The solution for this specific problem is not outsourcing as it pertains to national security. I hope someone pays attention.