Buddha and Indra in Taxila

An archaeological excavation in Taxila has discovered both Buddhist and Hindu artifacts dating back to the first century AD.

The Pakistan government’s archaeology department has discovered eight antiquities dating back to the first century AD, including rare sculptures of ‘future’ Buddha, Hindu God Indra and his bodyguard from an ancient archaeological site very near to Taxila, considered as a seat of learning during the Buddhist period.

According to the Daily Times, experts from the archaeology department’s preservation and restoration team unearthed the treasures while carrying on preservation work at the world renowned Dharmarajika Stupa and monastery dating back to 3rd century BC to 5th Century AD, regarded as the epitome of the Gandhara civilization.

Archaeologists have confirmed that one of the antiquities excavated depicts in exact detail the ‘the reappearance of Buddha’ as told in Buddhist

Apart from the other discovery of Corinthian capital, which was used in Magna, Garcia and Sicily from the early third century, the statue of Indra, regarded as the rain god in Vedic mythology and another depicting the bodyguard of Indra has also interested experts to a great extent. [Buddhist antiquities unearthed near Taxila]