The Indian stand on Jammu and Kashmir

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Wednesday said any proposal to divide Jammu and Kashmir on the basis of religion would not be acceptable to India.
“I have made this point clear that any redrawing of the international border is not something which is going to be acceptable to our country,” Manmoahn Singh said at a press conference here on the first day of a two-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir.
“Any proposal which would further divide our country on the basis of religion is not going to be acceptable to us,” he said. [No division of Kashmir on basis of religion: Manmohan]

These are two important points – non acceptance of a communal solution and a new map. The Prime Minister is also dumping lot of money into the state even though no one is really happy there. Creating more job opportunities so that people can earn a living should be the route to go.

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