Treat Pakistan like a non-entity

Discarded Lies has a detailed analysis of the whole India, China, Kashmir, Pakistan, Osama scene and wonders why the United States treats a democratic India so badly.

Are we insane? Why are we now the only Security Council member refusing to support an Indian seat? It may be that China is manipulating us very skilfully, by having Pakistan escalate its demands so that we’ll continue to appease them and anger our more natural ally, India-while simultaneously buttering India up and patching over old tensions. Why is China suddenly India’s new best friend? Could it be that they realize Pakistan is a booby prize, to be used to harm our interests and then to be jettisoned?

Maybe it’s time to start treating Pakistan like a nonentity. Not like an enemy, we can’t afford that. But like the Palestinian Authority: a formless, largely fictional entity that is actually in the control of other forces, and not a real partner but the facade of one, deliberately designed to fool us into wasting large amounts of energy on irrelevant sideshows while malevolent forces gather. Pakistan and the Palestinian Authority are to sovereign government what shell corporations are to business. We appear to be taking Musharraf at face value, and it doesn’t seem very wise to me. [Discarded Lies: Pakistani Kashmir Escalation: China Playing Us For Patsies?]

Taking Musharraf at face value is never wise as he has been lying about everything and can betray anyone anytime. Even when it comes to America’s biggest enemy, he has been lying. But then people like Colin Powell are falling over for Musharraf and treating India insensitively. For America, dictators are always more charming than democracies.

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  1. Pakistani Kashmir Escalation: China Playing Us For Patsies?
    The news that the FBI thinks bin Laden will try to enter India is disturbing. Interestingly, the report mentions that the FBI seemed to know about the then-impending bin Laden tape release-how did the FBI find out? The report mentions…

  2. While I agree that the US needs to be much harsher about Pakistan to say that the US prefers dictators always is false. Look at Eastern Europe and the cold war, look at WW2, look at Afghanistan and Iraq. The US has supported dictators and it has always cost them and much of this has been because of some very silly people in the State Department which is where most of the support for Pakistan is and funnily enough most people on the so called ‘left’ love Powell.
    US has been a major friend to India, much greater than say the Soviet Union, yet India was a major intelligence gather for the Soviet Union. Last time I checked India has not supplied Billions in loans, aid, medicine, supplies, etc.
    The US will do what it thinks is in its best interests and makes many mistakes. India will do the same but what exactly is Inida offering the US and why does it think it should deserve special treatment when it constantly goes out of its way to impede anything the US does, which is nothing new.
    India is no victim here and if anything the current administration has been the most friendly to India in decades.

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