We don't condemn "militants"

For those of you who wonder why Arundhati Roy does not condemn Islamic Terrorists here is the answer

Sandip Roy: People say you are not just anti-American, you are also anti-Indian. You complain about Muslims being killed in Gujarat but are mum on Hindu Pandits being killed in Kashmir.

Arundhati Roy: This is the standard Hindutva line:

10 thoughts on “We don't condemn "militants"

  1. whats galling is that she does not exhibit even an ounce of compassion for the killed hindus. So much for her “I am a world citizen” spirit..

  2. Remember she said “state-assisted pogrom”. Now I may not agree with everything she says but here she is right. What happened in Gujarat was state-assisted. What happened in Kashmir (to the pundits) was not.
    If a state behaves like terrorist, which the Indian state has often done, it is our duty to point it out. You do not elect Mussarraf or ISI or other terrorist but you do elect the Chief Minister or the Prime Minister.
    And let me remind everyone that the troubles for Kashmiri pundits did not start in 1948 or even in the 60s or 70s. It started in the 1990s. The problems in Kashmir (or the north east) is the outcome of idiotic policies of Indian governments since 1948. Pakistan merely took advantage of the dissent of the people.

  3. Preetam, So when Kashmiri Pundits were being massacred by the terrorists, the state Govt did not do anything to protect them.

  4. Yes, surely, and just like Gujarat, the central govt. had no clue to what was going on.
    It is not about Hindus getting killed or Muslims. And who are these Hindus

  5. Preetam, in one comment you say that it was state-assisted and in the next you say that the government had no clue about what was going on. Dude, make up your mind!
    And frankly… I cannot fathom what point you’re trying to make by saying that Hindus slaughter Hindus.

  6. The point I am making is that every time someone mentions terrorism, it is always the Muslims who are blamed. Refer the no 1 comment there “she does not exhibit even an ounce of compassion for the killed Hindus”. Are muslims the only terrorists.
    So what about compassion for the Tamils that were killed by the Kannada speaking people or vice versa? Why aren

  7. My point is why is not Arundhati Roy condeminng all such incidents ? Why only Gujrat and America ? Why not anything else ?
    She is selective in her condemnation which shows an agenda behind it. This takes out whatever ounce of morality she has.
    I would have more respect for her if she condemned all incidents of state violence as she says, but she does not. Her statements show she is just a anti-Hindu, anti-American racist.

  8. And there are far more blatant cases of state terrorism like air raids in Mizoram. That was the only place where the IAF planes were used to bomb “Indian citizens”.
    Which incident are you talking about ?

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