Undisclosed Location

ABC news has an article on Pakistan’s test of its nuclear capable Ghauri V missile from an undisclosed location. The undisclosed location news was carried by all major newspapers in India too, like Times of India. The ABC news was from AP while PTI reported the Times of India news.
Only if these newspapers had used Google, they could have found this information

ISN SECURITY WATCH (12/10/04) – Pakistani dictator General Pervez Musharraf marked the fifth anniversary of the military coup that put him in power by test-firing an upgraded version of the Ghauri (previously known as the Hatf V) medium-range ballistic missile. The missile, in its fourth test-firing from Malot in Jhelum District, about 121 kilometers south of the capital Islamabad, is capable of carrying both nuclear and conventional 700-kilogram warheads to a maximum range of 1