New Plan in Kashmir Valley

Yes, the Indian Prime Minister talked to the Pakistani Dictator. There are journalists visiting India from Pakistan. Pakistan has volunteered not to take over Siachen. Does all this mean that life is going to be great from now ? Unlikely, if according to this Times of India report.

Pakistan wants to bring a bit of Gaza to Srinagar. While publicly waving an olive leaf, Pakistani foreign minister Khursheed Kasuri and foreign secretary Riaz Khokhar privately met Kashmiri separatist leaders during their New Delhi visit and suggested that an Intifada was Islamabad’s new strategy to keep Kashmir on the boil.

Recognising that cross-border terrorism no longer delivers, Islamabad believes generating an Intifada is the new means to both bleed Indian security forces and keep alive the claim that India is suppressing people’s aspirations. As Islamabad sees it, an Intifada has multiple plus points. The phrase will evoke global sympathy because of its association with Palestinian children throwing stones at Israeli tanks, an effective imagery of Davids pitted against a Goliath. [Pak plots Intifada to keep J&K on the boil]

The only problem is that there is no Yasser Arafat in the Kashmir valley. So who will motivate people to give up their lives ?

2 thoughts on “New Plan in Kashmir Valley

  1. The Pakistani’s might select one of their stooges in the valley and give him enough publicity by constantly refering to him and asking for him to be included in a dialogue and later creating trouble through him. There wont be any sustained mass violent movement.

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