Invading Pakistan

Apparently the US had plans to invade the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan to capture the al-Qaeda network.

“The United States will threaten Iran with war if it aids the al-Qaeda. The United States will have to invade northwest Pakistan. There are plans for this already. In addition, if Pakistan collapses due to an invasion, the United States and India will have to jointly occupy Pakistan. The end game is Pakistan,” the Daily Times quotes Friedman as saying.[US had plans to invade Pakistan via JihadWatch]

Even though there have been incursions by American troops and ex-Special Forces are on the prowl, this full scale invasion of Pakistan can have disastrous consequences. But this is not to say that such scenarious have not been thought about. Democratic Senate Candidate Barak Obama has gone on record suggesting that Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities be taken out if Musharraf is overthrown.

In the case of Pakistan, the Senate hopeful added,

3 thoughts on “Invading Pakistan

  1. Pakistanis scared of an American invasion
    It is about preventing a challenge to Musharraf’s authority
    Varnam draws attention to US plans for a potential invasion of north west Pakistan if circumstances in the war against al Qaeda call for it.
    72% of Pakistanis, for their part, are worri…

  2. The invasion might be a long term plan but it does sound a bit far fetched.
    Well India has a new Air force Base in Tajikistan and might just spice up things a little.

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