The Kashmir deal ?

Alex Perry of Time breaks the story of the offer that the Indian Prime Minister is going to place before the Pakistani Dictator Musharraf for solving the Kashmir Problem.

There, a senior Indian official tells TIME, Singh will make an offer to help defuse South Asia’s most dangerous flash point, Kashmir. India, says the official, will offer to “adjust” the Line of Control, the de facto border dividing Kashmir, “by a matter of miles” eastward. Indian analysts confirm that the offer has been under discussion, in India and with Pakistan’s leadership, for months

2 thoughts on “The Kashmir deal ?

  1. If all of Kashmir is disputed territory, Pakistan had no right to cede any of it Aksai Chin to China. As far as I’m concerned, all U.N. resolutions are null and void.

  2. JK,
    Even as a PR measure, India should not offer anything more than the current LOC is a compromise solution. I think India has since issued a denial of Perry’s story.
    The old adage goes, give them an inch and they’ll want a mile.

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