The Israeli Connection

The largest number of tourists to Jammu and Kashmir are from Israel and Muslims in the Kashmir Valley even started writing boards in Hebrew to attract them. One of the reasons Israelis visit Jammu and Kashmir is to visit the graves to Jesus amd Moses (yes as in Jesus Christ and Moses from Egypt).

The main attractions in the Valley for the Israelis are two graves, believed by some to be those of Jesus Christ and Moses. A section of the local population believes Kashmiris are one of the lost tribes of Israel. Aziz Kashmiri, the author of the book Christ in Kashmir, insists that the Kashmiri people’s ancestors were one of the 10 lost tribes of Israel and that Jesus died during a visit to the Valley.[Jesus’ tomb in Kashmir?]

While there has been no proof for these graves, as well as the assertion that the ancestors of Kashmiris were from the lost tribes of Israel, there is now evidence that people of Mizoram are descendents of Menashe, one of the lost tribes of Israel.

This is a clear indication that there was a Jewish female founder effect in the Kuki community. “It is scientifically impossible to have the same genetic sequence in two populations living so far apart if they did not originate from a common stock who historically inhabited a common space,” says Maity. He also found a specific mutation in some Lusei and Kuki samples that is also present in Indian Jews.

There are also historical pointers to this claim. Zaithanchhungi, a scholar who has been studying the Mizo claim to Israeli ancestry for over 20 years, is convinced that all Mizos are descendants of the Menashe. “The Menashe were enslaved by the Assyrians and taken there [Assyria] when Jerusalem fell,” she says. “From there they migrated to the Afghanistan region. During Alexander?s invasion they were driven further on to Mongolia through the Kashmir region and Tibet plateau, and they settled in the Chhinlung region of China. They entered Mizoram about 300 years ago from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Burma.”[The new Jerusalem via Indian Archaeology]

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  1. YIKES!! No proof? Certainly no one has dug underneath the Rauza Bal mausoleum, where the alleged casket of Jesus resides [the mausoleum itself is a large building–see pictures at], and pulled out a body. That has not occurred.
    But the circumstantial evidence is massive, with tons of books having been written on the subject over the last 100 years–books by Westerners and Easterners [such as the 2001 piece, Saving the Savior, published in the U.S., and still selling at Amazon, Tree of Life, the Tomb of Jesus Christ Website itself, etc.].
    It may be a good idea for you to visit The Tomb of Jesus Christ Website [], and examine the evidence. Reproducing it here would take quite a bit of time!
    There are the carvings of footprints, with obvious wounds in the feet [crucifixion wounds?], clearly marked and apparently carved some 2000 years ago by someone who wanted to leave a record of Yuz Asaf’s feet, and which is located inside the Rauza Bal mausoleum. There are the inscriptions on the Takhat Sulaiman monument, in Kashmir, that read, “He is Jesus–Prophet of the Children of Israel.”
    There are the documents that state that Yuz Asaf [the man buried in the Rauza Bal mausoleum] JUST HAPPENED to have travelled to Kashmir, from “The Holy Land,” some 2000 years ago [DUH!!]
    There is the fact that the underground casket which houses Yuz Asaf faces the direction that JEWS BURY THEIR DEAD [Hindus burn their dead].
    There are the parables that Yuz Asaf taught, and that mirror the parables taught by Jesus. There are the traditions of the common people of Kashmir themselves, who, when asked, state matter-of-factly, “It is the tomb of Hazrat Isa” [Jesus]. Like, “NO BIG DEAL.” Very compelling!
    Unfortunately, some of the younger people in Kashmir are slowly becoming afraid to openly state these traditions, as their parents and grandparents used to, due to the pressure of fundamentalist, Al-Qaeda-influenced, radical sunni orthodox Muslims who believe that Jesus is alive in heaven, waiting to coming back and force Islam on the world, along with his side kick, “Imam Mahdi”.
    But, nevertheless, even the young people of Kashmir very well know that the traditions of Yuz Asaf go far, far, back.
    I can go on–easily. So, while you are correct that the tomb issue has not been proven IN ABSOLUTE TERMS, the abundance of circumstantial evidence is quite large.
    One such piece of evidence is, as you have pointed out, the Kashmiri tradition regarding the Lost Tribes of Israel. Certainly the presence of ancient Jews in Kashmir might explain why Jesus would have been interested in going there [as a place of REFUGE] after his ordeal on the cross.
    In fact, Kashmir is said, by some, to be that true “Promised Land,” with its stunning natural beauty, that the Jews were promised [UH OH!! That doesn’t mean that Israel should now go take over Kashmir!! OH, MY GOD!! I HOPE I HAVEN’T STARTED A NEW CRISIS!!!]
    Incidentally, Aziz Kasmiri is not the only Kashmir-based scholar who has written about the Rauza Bal, and the theory of Jesus in India. Dr. Fida Hassnain is another scholar who has lived his entire life in the lush “Valley” [as Kashmir is called by many of the residents, and by the newspapers of Pakistan and India], and written a number of books on the subject, including, “A Search for the Historical Jesus.” [Incidentally, he will soon have another book in print].
    There are, also, ancient Kashmiri documents that record the arrival of Yuz Asaf in Kashmir. One very important development was the BBC-4 production, “Did Jesus Die,” by Richard Denton.
    WHEW!! That production included well-known heavyweight professors from around the globe, who were interviewed throughout that piece. I think it aired in August of 2003.
    SELL YOUR MOTHER to get a copy of that BBC-4 documentary! Because the chances that any U.S. company will air that in the U.S. are close to NIL! Bible Belt wouldn’t allow it [Oh, they DO have that power!!].
    And, really, the scholars that appear on that doc are the NAME-BRAND scholars, men and women, WITHIN Christianity. No exaggeration. It’s powerful!!
    So, the theory is getting aired now. And there is curently [AT THIS MOMENT] a young, but VERY sharp, group of documentarians that are developing a new doc that promises to knock the socks off that BBC4 piece [THAT will be VERY HARD, but I think they’ll succeed!]. They will soon be approaching a certain broadcaster. Just keep checking at, occasionally, for the announcement
    I do hope that they’re not so naieve as to think that they WON’T find resistance. But maybe things have changed. Could be that since the BB4 doc, people might be read for a powerful “sequel.”
    If it shows in the U.S., you’re gonna see RIOTS in the Bible Belt!! Just the tomb itself has this strange air of authenticity.
    Anyway, STAY TUNED, folks! And fasten your seat belts! ‘Cause, from here on out, it’s going to be a BUMPY RIDE IN THE BIBLE BELT!! [Hmmmm. Nice title for a hip-hop song! “Bumpy ride in the Bible Belt.” Yeah, I like that!]

  2. The evidence surrounding Rozabal and the possibility that Jesus survived and traveled to Kashmir is to be found in a fictional book by Ashwin Sanghi called “The Rozabal Line” which traces the roots of the connection between Jesus and India not just to Kashmir but to 3000 years before Christ, the link between Abraham and Brahma.

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