So much for appeasement

The new Indian Govt. as a policy has decided to support the Palestinian Issue without any condemnation of their terrorist policies. There is also no acknowledgement of the fact that it was Israeli help that was a decisive factor in the Kargil war. This Arab appeasement policy was followed by India during the cold war era and the new Govt. seems to be stuck there. The interesting fact is that we do not get any support for Arabs on any issue that matter to us and still we manage to crawl on our knees for them.
For example, the Arab appeasement did not win us any rebates on Oil. In terms of breaking away Kashmir valley from India, the OIC stand is to support the United Nations resolutions. In the 2003 OIC Meeting, the OIC even welcomed the restraint shown by Pakistan in face of Indian provocation.
After visiting India and not making any statement about Kashmir Valley, the Foreign Minister of Kuwait has done a “U” turn in Pakistan and now suggested that the United Nations resolutions be implemented. This is directly in opposition with the Indian viewpoint that, the whole thing is a bilateral issue.

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  1. You write, “There is also no acknowledgement of the fact that it was Israeli help that was a decisive factor in the Kargil war”.
    Would you like to give any details and references for this “fact”? I’ve never come across such a theory, but perhaps you can enhance my knowledge by expanding on it.

  2. Wasim,
    Here are a couple of links regarding Israel help to India: and
    Here are a couple of paragraphs from those articles:
    1) During the Kargil War, between India and Pakistan, Israel will be remembered by Indians as having responded magnificently, despite pressures from various quarters not to supply UAVs for high altitude surveillance, laser-guided systems and many other items which were supplied within 24 hours.
    2) [During the Kargil War] Israel came immediately to India’s aid, supplying unmanned drone aircraft and laser-guided systems, among other equipment, to the Indian forces. Jane’s Terrorism and Security Monitor also stated that Israel is still helping India combat terrorism in Kashmir where terrorist bombings and murders are almost a daily occurrence (50 people were killed last week), and even has teams there training Indian counter-insurgency forces.
    Hope that is factual enough.

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  4. israel cannot itself protect from palestians how they can help was our soldiers bravery that we got the winning not any other’s help.beside this india will not take the help of such a nation who is facing the terror due to its own reason and then itself creating terror ,killing womens and childrens like pakistanis militants in india.

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