Someone remembers

A set of people who were seriously affected by terrorism in Jammu and Kashir are the Kashmiri Pandits. They are Hindus who lived in the valley, but were forced to move out of the state by Islamic terrorists. These Hindus live in refugee camps in their own country, where Hindus are a majority. Over the years various political parties have milked them for votes, but they never got to get back to their homes. Now it takes Frank Pallone, a US Congressman to remind the Prime Minister of India to take care of these Hindus.

Democratic US Congressman Frank Pallone appealed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to include Kashmiri Pandits in “developing the future course of action in Jammu and Kashmir,” and expressed disappointment over the government not mentioning the community in its policy statement on the issue. “Given the urgency of addressing the plight of Kashmiri Pandits, I was disappointed that the new government did not mention the Pandits as part of its policy on Kashmir,” Pallone said in a letter to Singh, copies of which were released Wednesday.

“I urge you to include the Pandits in any negotiations with Kashmiri constituents and in developing the future course of action in Jammu and Kashmir,” Pallone said, asserting, “Pandits have suffered more than any group as a result of the conflict in Kashmir.” “It is more important now than ever for a public commitment from your administration to include the Pandits in future policy discussions,” he added. By doing so, they will be ensured a much-needed voice in determining the future of their security and return to the valley, Pallone said.[via]