An Un-Islamic Act

All Iran wants to do is pursue a “peaceful” nuclear program and the whole world is against them. The Europeans understand this vey well and so they agreed to block any security council resolutions against Iran. But now Iran’s President Mohammad Khatami has said that the country is willing to pay any price for pursuing the “peaceful” program.

Khatami said Tehran was ready to give guarantees that its nuclear program, including enriching uranium, would not be diverted toward making weapons, as Washington suspects. He said atomic weapons go against the teachings of Islam.[Yahoo News via LGF]

Since atomic weapons are un-Islamic, we know which Islamic nation is a criminal before the eyes of God.

2 thoughts on “An Un-Islamic Act

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  2. No nation is religious. Any country follows the path which it “thinks” is best for itself ( Mostly for the rulers of that country) irrespective of the moral or religious interpretation of that act.
    Iran’s testing of ballistic missile or nuclear weapons are simply put misguided act akin to those of other nations which sadly pushes the world towards ever increasing bloodshed

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