Bangladesh exports terrorism too

Terrorism against India now comes from Bangladesh sponsored by some pro Al-Qaeda groups.
bq. Confessions made by one Mohammed Yasin Ali, a district commandant of the militant Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Asom (MULTA), have revealed that pro-Qaeda armed groups in Bangladesh have been “talent-scouting” among Muslim settlers in Assam.
bq. According to the MULTA militant, potential hitmen are lured into Bangladesh and provided a six-month crash course in handling weapons and planning operations, besides a monthly stipend of Rs 2,000. “The recruits are straightaway taken to a training camp at Kurikilam in Jaipur area of Bangladesh,” Ali’s statement said. ?The six-month training is extendable by another six months if recruits fail certain tests. Completion of the course ensures the monthly stipend, which is payable for three years.? [“Hindustan Times”:,0015002200000100.htm]
“Islamic militancy has been on a rise”: in Bangladesh and the “militants consider it a safe haven”:, but as usual the BNP Govt. denies it. Bhutan, a friendly neighbor of India, “launched operations”: against separatist groups based in Bhutan working against India. But you cannot expect any pro-India actions from Bangladesh.