Talks on Kashmir

Two days of talks between foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan have concluded without any major breakthroughs. According to the Amy Waldman of NYT,
bq. While Kashmir did figure in the talks, there were no specific proposals put on the table regarding a solution, according to spokesmen for both nations. They did commit themselves to a “peaceful, negotiated final settlement” on Kashmir. [“NYT”: (regn reqd)]
“According to the Asian Age”:, India has committed itself to a _peaceful negotiated settlement_ of Jammu and Kashmir in a formal acceptance of its _disputed_ nature while Pakistan has accepted the _bilateral_ nature of the dialogue and dropped the insistence on plebiscite. So what are the possible solutions in the table ?
bq. Analysts from both India and Pakistan have been offering solutions through well-researched articles with the thrust driving towards more autonomy for the two Kashmirs, a soft border and administrative control of their respective sides by India and Pakistan. The extreme positions of plebiscite and accession of Jammu and Kashmir has not been voiced by Pakistan in recent months with senior academics, journalists and retired generals close to the Establishment advocating a solution on the lines of soft border and autonomy. In fact, arguments for independence are now advanced only by the extremist groups in Pakistan and hardline Kashmiri separatists who have not heeded President Pervez Musharraf?s advise to move out of the “status quo.” The Pakistan spokesperson admitted that an understanding was “very rapidly emerging” on both sides that “if there is a dispute it cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of one party alone, it has to satisfy all sides.” [“Asian Age”:]