Still an infidel

The Indian Govt. “reacts to the terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia”:
bq. “We condemn this wanton act of terrorism which has led to the loss of innocent lives and damage to property,” the external affairs ministry said in a statement. “The Indian casualties were victims of the circumstances rather than pre-meditated targets of attack.”
It was a pre-meditated attack and it is part of their plan to cleanse the Arabian peninsula of infidels. It was explicitly stated by the terrorists:
bq. Accompanying the eight-minute recording was a 700-word written statement which claimed that “infidels and crusaders” among the hostages had been killed, including 10 Indians, “those cow worshippers who killed our Muslim brothers in Kashmir”. [“Guardian”:,11599,1228365,00.html]
As per the new Common Minimum Program adopted by the Congress Govt, there are plans to push India’s decades-old commitment to the cause of the Palestinian people for a homeland of their own and improve ties with the Arabs. You can do all that, but still that will not change the fact that you are an infidel.

4 thoughts on “Still an infidel

  1. How does the govt come to the conclusion that the hapless Indians who were killed were “victims of the circumstances” when the terrorists state that it was indeed so?
    Trying to rewrite the “present” itself?

  2. Also did you hear that the Ministry of External Affairs closed the PIO/NRI office. No guesses as to what’ll happen to the dual citizenship bill!

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