State Department and Pakistan

The U.S Department of State has released its reports on terrorism called Patterns of Global Terrorism – 2003. In the section for India it is mentioned that

In the states of Jammu and Kashmir, killings of civilians by foreign-based and Kashmiri militant groups continued and included the murder of numerous political leaders and party workers. The Indian Government asserted that Lashkar-i-Tayyiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed were behind a number of high-profile attacks in the state, which included the massacre of 24 Hindu civilians in southern Kashmir in March and an attack on 17 October outside the Chief Minister?s residence compound in Srinagar.

If you read the whole report, you will find that the foreign land from where militant groups enter Kashmir is never named. The state department is oogling over Musharraf and for them Pakistan continues to be the most important ally in the US war on terror aka Finding Osama. The ally is so trustworthy that US forces are now going in and out as they please
The section on Pakistan is all about how well they are doing in their war on terror with absolutely no word about how they are supporting terrorists, who are creating problems in India and Afghanistan. Even if the Americans in the field suspect the Pakistani sincerity or if the ISI is inviting journalists to their meetings with terrorists, where it is declared that, “Nobody can deviate us from our goal of liberating Kashmir.”, the State Department is turning a blind eye to it.

7 thoughts on “State Department and Pakistan

  1. Why should we care about what the US Dept. of State writes or thinks about Kashmir? We know where the terrorists are coming from and I think that is what matters!
    Lets forget about the US and other so-called superpowers and not try to get them involved in the peace process in Kashmir and with Pakistan.Lets try to resolve the conflicts by dialogue amongst ourselves!

  2. It matters because this report is used to make policy decisions. You can close your eyes and try to forget US, but it is there and it has tremendous power and influence.

    JK has a good example of why any report– whether it be on human rights, terrorism, religious freedom, etc– produced…

  4. Niraj, yes in one way. But later some other US Govt entity will donate billions of dollars to Pakistan quoting this report and saying, there is nothing wrong with this country.
    Do other countries also release such documents ?

  5. The U.S is not GOD for us to be upset when it doesnt blame Pakistan.This is our problem and lets stop getting excited if the U.S sides with us in this issue or get horrified if they dont.
    And its not like the U.S does not know Pakistan’s role in Terrorism.At present,they just want help from Pakistan for their “War on Terror”

  6. It matters what America’s official legal designation of Pakistan is – for example as a MNNA it can enjoy favourable access to US arms. And you know what Pakistan does with the arms it gets.
    Of course US president’s have shown a remarkable knack in circumventing official designations, but unfavourable designations make it harder for US presidents to make expediency-based choices.
    The State department’s list is another story. It has lost any meaning beyond using it as a stick to beat Iran, Syria etc: the America’s dogmatic enemies.

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