Religious Principles

“Few days back”: we saw how “The Da Vinci Code”: united Protestants and Catholics. Now according to this report, Shias and Sunnis have united in certain regions of Iraq to fight the “the coalition forces”:
bq. Extraordinary scenes as Iraqi Shia were invited to pray in Sunni mosques yesterday were evidence of how deeply the Americans have misunderstood Iraqi society. Only months ago, the US was issuing dire warnings of civil war between Iraq’s Sunni and Shia. Instead, the two communities have united against the occupiers.
But then when the world goes one way, Pakistanis “go the other way”:
bq. Pakistan’s paramilitary and security services were on high alert on Friday night after a suicide bomber attacked a Shia mosque in Karachi, the southern port city, leaving at least 15 dead and more than 125 injured. That attack was widely believed to be the work of members of hardline Sunni groups including factions that have campaigned for years for Shia muslims to be officially declared heretics. Some groups are believed to be linked to militant outsiders such as al-Qaeda, according to intelligence officials.
If Shias and Sunnis are confused, the “Christians and Muslims of Nigeria are not”:,4386,249819,00.html.
Religion! What a wonderful thing.