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When it comes to predictions, this blog is usually way off the mark. But not now. This blog made a comment few months back that the fact the Congress and Communists are fighting each other in some states and are allies in some states “can cause problems”:https://varnam.org/archives/000355.html. And this is exactly what happened to Communist leader Achutanandan, who was addressing a meeting in Mahe, where Communists are Congress are allies.
bq. Achuthanandan was addressing a meeting organised by the CPM in Mahe as part of the 50th anniversary observations of the Cherukallayi Martyrs? Day. The Opposition leader was in his elements lashing out at the Congress Government in Kerala. After his outburst against the BJP at the Centre, Achuthanandan turned to the Congress in the State. Blaming Antony for the poor law and order management, he said goondas and mafia gangs are thriving in the State where the girls have no security.
bq. Referring to the Muthanga incident, he said Antony gave bullets for the Adivasis who asked for land. He reiterated the allegation that more than one Adivasis might have killed in the police action. ??We had demanded a judicial inquiry into the incident. But Antony was not willing. So it was not possible to determine how many had died in police firing,?? he said. As Achuthanandan was raising his pitch against the Congress, came the chit from Jayarajan. A visibly embarrassed Opposition leader was silent for a few minutes. ??I thought this was a part of the campaign in Vatakara constituency,?? he said. Achuthanandan, then, asked the audience to forget all the references against the Congress in his speech. [via “newindpress.com”:http://www.newindpress.com/NewsItems.asp?ID=IER20040429052407&Page=R&Title=Kerala&Topic=0&]
Who said Communists are not funny ?

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  1. Orwell Watch
    This incident reminds me of that event in George Orwell’s 1984, where in the midst of the “Hate Week”, it turns out that the enemy had changed from Eastasia to Eurasia (or vice versa) and everyone made the required mental…

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