Finding Atlantis

If someone is looking for “Noah’s Ark”:, then you would think someone should look for “Atlantis”:
bq. A quest for the lost island of Atlantis has begun off the southern shores of Cyprus. After a decade of intense study an American, Robert Sarmast, claims to have evidence to prove that the fabled island lies 1.5 kilometres deep in the sea between Cyprus and Syria. He says he has detected “around 48” of the 50 geographical features described by Plato before it was “swallowed up by the earth”. Mr Sarmast hopes by August to have proved that Atlantis was not simply a figment of the imagination but a real empire with stone temples, bridges, canals and roads. “What we have discovered is a hidden landmass that fits Plato’s famed description almost exactly,” he said in the Cypriot port of Limassol. [via “The Age”:]