Bob Edwards being replaced

bq. Morning radio will soon lose one of its most familiar news anchors. Bob Edwards, who for nearly 25 years has greeted millions of weekday listeners with the distinctive and richly toned opener “This is ‘Morning Edition’ from NPR News,” is being replaced as host of that flagship morning program.
bq. Edwards said he found out early this month that he was being reassigned. “I was called into an office, and they said, ‘We’re making a change,”‘ he said. “You get a line like that, and I guess you should come back with some snappy rejoinder. But of course I did not. I was very surprised.” [via “Seattle PI”:]
This is one voice I will miss. In American Media, where anchors try to hog the limelight, promote themselves and pay little attention to news, Bob was different. I liked his style of interviewing where he would be very brief with the question and let the other person tell the story. I cannot imagine the line “This is Morning Edition from NPR News” in a different voice.

4 thoughts on “Bob Edwards being replaced

  1. I admit I really don’t listen to NPR much, especially in the morning. But what I do hear– liberal bias aside– I really do like.
    Nevertheless, what is so shameful in sacking Bob Edwards is that they did so uncermoniously, so…corporate.
    At least they could of done is to wait for the thirtieth anniversary where Bob Edwards would announce his retirement as host, and his new responsibility as a correspondent.

  2. A big change in the morning routine
    Bob Edwards dumped as host of NPR’s ‘Morning Edition’ This will be a big change in the mornings of many people. Although this may sound weird and my wife wouldn’t agree, I’ll definitely miss waking up to the rich baritone…

  3. More on the Morning Edition Disaster
    Ok, I know, I go on about this a lot. And maybe I shouldn’t. But the whole thing is d*mned annoying, and I’m still fired up about it. Thoughts on how this will resolve, and what needs to be done.

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