Book Review: Da Vinci Code

Harvard symologist Robert Langdon is invited by the curator of the Louvre for a meeting and just before that he is murdered. The curator leaves a cryptographic message with his dead body which Langdon decodes with the help of Sophie Neveu, a gifted French cryptologist. The dead curator was a member of the Priory of Sion, a secret society which had as its members Issac Newton, Boticelli, Victor Hugo and Da Vinci.
Leonardo Da Vinci was aware of a historical secret which the Vatican was trying to protect. He managed to convey what he believed in, through his paitings, especially, the Last Supper. Langdon and Neveu discover all these secrets and find the secret that the Priory was trying to protect.
The ride this novel takes you is absolutely thrilling and most probably you will finish this in one sitting. It proposes an alternative history about Jesus Christ and it is slowly revealed in clues scattered in the work of Da Vinci. Besides this there are many mysterious characters and surprises scattered all over making this a page turner. You cannot write anything more without having to reveal the story. So read the book.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Da Vinci Code

  1. Nice book.But why not just put the cryptex in the freezer and break it with a sledgehammer when the vinegar turns solid?

  2. read it after a friend said it was a good book
    me thinks – interesting as one more conspiracy theory not heard of, but…
    very contrived, badly written and very superficial!!!

  3. The Da Vinci Code
    I’ve been debating whether I really had to write a review on The Da Vinci Code, but what the hell! Here goes. I bought it impulsively at a book exhibition I recently visited, more out of curiosity than the hype…

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