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This time during there was a marriage in India in our family and some of went to get banana leaves from the local market. The banana leaf seller has a shop which is basically some space which is filled with just banana leaves. There were no chairs or tables. He sat, surrounded by banana leaves, armed with just a small knife with which he cut leaves to waiting customers.
Suddenly there was ring tone and everyone searched their pockets. The banana leaf seller took out a phone from under a leaf and took an order. Cell Phones are now all over the place in India. Cab Drivers, Newspaperwallas, Doodhwala, everyone has a cell phone.
Till recenly people were able to live without this device and now this seems like a necessity to everyone. I particularly liked the fact that people were shelling out anything from 300 – 1000 Rupees for this convenience, instead of keeping the money in the bank. Good for the economy.
Another good side effect of this cell phone is that while you wait in the railway station or bus stop, you can listen to everyones problems in life.

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  1. Your post reminds me of a vegetable seller, who used to have a cell, when it was still considered somewhat a luxury. He used to take order for Paneer from that cell phone. :-).

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