Pakistan, the Proliferator

Now that Libya has given up its WMD program Anwar Iqbal “wrote”: in UPI
bq. Pakistan, of course, says that its program is only aimed at defending itself against India. This argument, however, will remain valid only as long as Pakistan does not share its nuclear know-how with others. If media allegations that Pakistan has shared nuclear technology with North Korea and Iran are ever proved, Pakistan will have no choice but to abandon the nuclear shield it has built to defend itself against India.
Guess who has been providing crucial technology to Iran to become a “nuclear power”: ?
bq. The draft report by Albright’s group, based on experts familiar with the Iranian machine, describes it as a modified version of a centrifuge built decades ago by Urenco, a consortium of the British, Dutch and German governments. The machine is about six feet high and is made of aluminum and a special type of high-strength steel. The design is one of several known to have been stolen in the 1970s by a Pakistani nuclear scientist, Abdul Qadeer Khan, who later became known as the father of the Pakistani bomb.
bq. Pakistan modified the Urenco design and manufactured a number of the machines before abandoning the centrifuge for a sturdier model, said Albright, co-author of the study. The blueprints obtained by Iran show “distinctive” modifications similar to the ones made by Pakistan, Albright said.
Pakistanis have been proliferating nuclear technology all over the world. North Korea and Iran are well known. Even in Iraq, the “Pakistani support”: was found. Now this front page article in Washington Post is a very serious allegation.

One thought on “Pakistan, the Proliferator

  1. JK:
    Pakistan has been implicated in providing nuclear know how to North Korea, Iran, and now Saudi Arabia.
    When Pakistan achieved nuclear status, its nuclear weapons were dubbed “ISLAMIC BOMBS”.
    They are either giving it away to fellow Islamic nations, or selling it to the highest bidder, either way it is proliferating.

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