Ravikiran fisks Praful Bidwai

bq. Some of these are high-value jobs. Some are low-end, but will employ many people. Some require you to work odd hours. Some rely on the time difference, and you have to work normal Indian hours for them. Some of these are essentially temporary (Process migration experts – will become redundant after a few years because all processes will have been migrated) some are permanent. Some will soon be automated, some will always require human skill. The same as in any other industry really
bq. But trust the Resident Idiot to pick only those that suit his thesis.
Such things make you wonder whether he is in fact shilling for American and British unions who are concerned about job losses. But let’s give him the benefit of doubt. Let’s just call him a useful Resident Idiot.
“Ravikiran”:http://www.yazadjal.com/mt/archives/000177.html, though newly married, takes time to fisk the “Resident Idiot”:http://www.tni.org/fellows/bidwai.htm