Digital Wars

bq. Today’s vital technology standards are largely controlled by companies and consortia from the developed world. China and other nations effectively pay taxes to American, Japanese and European companies in order to use these standards in a variety of fields including computers, communications and personal technology.
bq. But China, unlike other developing nations that lack its growing clout on the global stage, isn’t planning to keep paying these taxes. It’s political-economic establishment is absolutely determined to set its own path in the Digital Age.
bq. China isn’t just reluctant to pay what amount to taxes to the developed-world owners of global technology standards. With the largest domestic market on the planet, at least potentially, plus an increasingly creative and well-educated workforce, China is creating its own competitive set of standards for its own market, although the global potential is obvious.
The business wars of the digital age are begining.
[via “dan gillmor”:]

2 thoughts on “Digital Wars

  1. Doesn’t India pay the same tax too? And like China, it has an equally large domestic market, so won’t it carve its own path?

  2. For such a thing to happen in India, someone has to spend money in R&D to come up with a better to atleast equally good standard.

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