Book Review: Prey

In this book Michael Crichton’s evil beasts are nano particles. This is the story of an experiment which went wrong in the Nevada Desert. In a secret lab which was supposed to develop cameras using nano particles, something goes wrong. The particles escape, and develop the ability to learn and decides to kill the scientists who developed the technology.
This book is a page turner, like all his previous novels. But somehow it all seemed like a rehash of Jurrasic Park. Even the scenes are similar. The way the dinosaurs walk around the broken down jeeps, the nano particles swarm around a car in which the scientists take refuge. After sometime, the whole story became predictable.
Still a good read.
Sandeep has a review of the book as well

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Prey

  1. Hey!! I posted a review of the SAME book on my blog yesterday! Amazing coincidence, I should say!
    You’re right. Prey disappoints at times, but is pretty good on the overall score. Crichton is still in form.

  2. Sandeep, I just finished reading Timeline and now started on Airframe. There is so much knowledge in his books, but after reading three books, his style has become very predictable. Basically his books are movie scripts waiting to be written.
    But still I gotta see the Timeline movie.

  3. You’re right. The plot in his books moves along predictable paths, but it’s interesting neverthelss. I mean, you can “guess” the ending but still go along just for the sake of it.

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