Gov. Arnold

Finally, Arnold is our Governor. As Jay Leno said while introducing Arnold last night, the state will from now be called “Cah-Le-Fawn-Ya” and groping would be legalized.
Gov. Davis had hiked the car tax 300%. One of the first acts the new Gov. would perform would be to repeal the car tax raise. Gov. Davis had signed a bill allowing illegal immigrants to get drivers licence (talk about appeasing a vote bank). The new Gov. would repeal that too. He had campaigned with many ads targetting Indian Gaming. According to Arnold the Indians were not paying their “fair share” of taxes.
He also was against the Lobbyists in Sacramento who were paying the politicians to get favors. He said that since he is rich, he would not have to pander to them.
So guess who all will be against him when he comes up for re-election.
Another job Arnold should do is find the 9716 people who voted for the Adult Actress Book Review: PakistanCarey and expel them to Las Vegas.

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