California Update

Republican Darrel Issa, who spent his personal wealth to start the California Recall Circus has now asked people to “vote no on the recall”:, if there are two Republicans in the race.
This show cannot get anymore ridiculous. Yesterday on Jay Leno, 90 candidates were present. It was on Jay Leno that Arnold announced his candidacy. So to be fair to all others, Jay invited everyone. According to election rules, he cannot show one candidate in close up. If so he has to show all 90. But there was a loop hole in this. If he insulted a person, he could show them for that amount of time, without having to show everyone else.
So Jay went around, insulting almost everyone at their face. The porn actress Cary was also present. Jay said that she was the only punched ballot in the crowd, and gave him the finger.
So please do not call our elections as a circus anymore, it has outgrown that word.

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