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* "I am like an open book": – Abhishek Bachchan
I think I am a closed book.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    This is reference to the article ?More on Saraswati river civilization? published on your site on September 10, 2003 regarding Michel Domino?s concept. I saw the last opinion in that page. That was Mr./Ms. JUVEN BACHAN?s opinion dated November 2, 2003. I Disagree on this.
    We cannot come to conclusion with that DNA evidence, because there were lots of other possibilities for the Indo European DNA traces in India. For example Macedonian Greeks (Alexander the Great) Invaded India. The White Huns also Invaded India and they were also IE tribes. There were two Hun rulers in India, Toramana and Mhirakula. Sknda Gupta was the Emperor in India that time. The Romans had trade links with India. Even from Harappa period they had out side trade links. Please refer the archeological records of port city Dwarka. They spoke the same language of Harappa and Mohenjodaro. So they had interactions with west or IE tribes. Aryan invasion is not the only answer for DNA trace of Indo European. We have plenty of IE interactions in our history. The chariots found in x-Soviet lands do not mean these chariots were destined to India. We can?t assume that these chariots were on the way to India and they belong to the so-called Nomadic IE language speaking Aryans. There are more evidences to establish that Aryans did not come from out side. They already lived in India as the Harappan people. The history written by East India Company is not correct. The cities found in Harappa and Mohenjadaro are not the only place those people lived. They were only two excavated cities of that waste civilization (during East India?s Rule). They lived in various places across India and also out side India. The oldest signboard was not found in the Harappa or Mohenjadaro, but the language written in it was same (the Harappan Script). We believed that the river Saraswati was mythical. When the archeology people found the traces of that river and potteries and other evidences and confirmed by geology people the whole story was changed. The River Saraswati is no more a mythical river. The very same way we should wait for more archeological evidences to come in and come to a conclusion. The puzzle is slowly getting fixed. When the East India Company wrote our history the Dwarka was not found and exuviated.

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