Welcome to India, Mr. Sharon

So far the relationship had been in secret.
bq. Prime Minister Moraji Desai invited Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan for secret talks in 1977. Dayan, whose face was well known at the time because of an eye patch, masqueraded on the flight there, recalled Naftali Lavi who had been his spokesman. They returned empty handed.
bq. During clashes with Pakistan, India secretly asked Israel for weapons. It sought mortars and mortar bombs without Israeli markings, got them, and publicly continued to condemn Israel, Yegar confirmed.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is in India now and this is a great step in relations because this is the first ever visit by an Israeli PM to India.
Everyone Muslim leader in India is now shouting that this can cause some bad relations with the Arabs. I don’t understand this part. They never “supported us”:http://www.westerndefense.org/bulletins/Dec-01.htm anyways during the China War and 1965 and 1971 wars with Pakistan and we always had to pay the market price for oil.
And at the “same time”:http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_365417,0008.htm
bq. Israel earned big points with New Delhi when, during Kargil, it sent over the laser-guided missiles that allowed India’s Mirages to bust Pakistan’s bunkers.
Subramanyam Swamy correcty “wrote”:http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_363453,0008.htm
bq. His visit is welcome to 80 per cent of Indians, who are grateful to Israel for the unconditional assistance given to Indian during all wars since the Sino-Indian conflict of 1962
India’s biggest enemy is Islamic terrorism and any country that can help us fight this menace should be treated as our best friend.
[Sources, “UPI”:http://www.sulekha.com/redirectnh.asp?cid=316620]

8 thoughts on “Welcome to India, Mr. Sharon

  1. There was a time when we refused to play Israel in the Davis cup even while we had no objections to playing Pakistan in cricket.
    It is time we made amends for our shameful behaviour.

  2. and when Musharaf, who architected Kargil visited India, none of these Islamic parties nor the communists had any problems.

  3. As for Musharaff, when he visited India, everybody from the guys in the PMO to the press went gaga over him–they waxed eloquent on his habits, his “Indian” past, his culinary tastes not to mention some shit about Mrs.Musharaff. Instead of treating him like what he is–a usurper, a terrorist, a dictator–the press especially went on a rampage giving him wide coverage.
    Contrast this to the way the Lover of Peace–Arafat is routinely treated by Israel. International/diplomatic delicacies apart, I think it was a mistake on Ariel Sharon’s part to let him go when he was captured last year (?).

  4. Sandeep,
    The only person who has analyzed Musharraf well and understood him for what he is, is Al-Qaeda In his latest tape, Ayman al-Zawahri said
    “We ask our Muslim brethren in Pakistan: until when will you put up with the traitor Musharraf, who sold the Muslims? blood in Afghanistan and handed over the Arab mujahideen to crusader America?” the speaker purported to be Zawahri said.
    “Had it not been for his treason, the surrogate government would not have been installed in Kabul, that government which brought the Indians to Pakistan?s western borders.
    “Not only this. He opened up nuclear installations to US inspection, choked off the jihad in Kashmir … and is (planning) to recognize Israel – all for a handful of dollars the Americans stack in his pocket …
    “The officers and soldiers of the Pakistani army should realize that Musharraf will hand them over as prisoners to the Indians … and flee abroad to enjoy his secret (bank) accounts.”

  5. >>The officers and soldiers of the Pakistani army should realize that Musharraf will hand them over as prisoners to the Indians … and flee abroad to enjoy his secret (bank) accounts.”
    Aren’t all dictators the same? What we’re dealing with is a double-headed serpent. The sooner he is deposed/goes the better it is for India. He cares for none but himself. Incidentally, there’s a very well-researched article called “The Lawless Frontier” (sorry don’t have the url) that talks about how Pakistan is headed towards a fast collapse. Forces have been unleashed in Pakistan over which Musharaff or any head of the government has no control. The situation is scary.

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