Regarding Sharon's Visit

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is scheduled to visit India in September and it has started producing opposing reactions.
bq. Muslim social organisation, Raza Academy, today said it would not allow Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to step “on the sacred Indian soil”.
bq. Reacting to the invitation extended by the Indian government to Israeli Prime Minister, the Academy general secretary Mohammad Syed Noori said, “By extending the invitiation to Sharon, the Indian government has committed the cardinal sin of bestowing honour on a war criminal, who is deeply detested by the vast majority of the global community because of his unsavoury reputation.”
But the IT Advisor to the Govt. of Hyderabad, TH Chowdary has written on what is common between the two nations and what we can learn from this small country.

bq. Just as India has had to face implacable enmity and periodical wars, Israel too had to face four declared wars. Israel had to shelter and rehabilitate a million Jews from scores of countries, especially from Arab nations. While what India has had to face from its neighbour greatly detracted from our economic progress, Israel not only repelled every aggression, but was able to meld Jews from all continents into one accomplished nation. How such a tiny country with little resources (80 per cent of the area is desert) and in the face of several wars and continuous terrorism could attain economic prosperity with a per capita income of about $ 18,000 is astounding.
“Liar”: Praful Bidwai has produced his rubbish which Shanti has “fisked again”:
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  1. Hey I know TH Chowdary. He’s an authority on the telecom sector and brings out a regular journal on telecom reforms. Wonderful man and a libertarian (largely) to boot! Can you send me the link to his piece?

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