Happy Independence Day

Read this very “inspiring speech”:http://www.rediff.com/news/2003/aug/14prez.htm given by the President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He said something which was very important.
bq. Let us for a moment pause to reflect what it is that for which we would like to be remembered for by future generations. Will we be remembered for how many mosques our generation has added, will we be remembered for how many temples our generation has added or will we be remembered for how many gurudwaras our generation has added? No, not at all. We will be remembered only if we give to our younger generation a prosperous and safe India, resulting out of economic prosperity coupled with civilisational heritage.
Also read this article written by Arun Shourie, titled “Before the whining drowns it out, listen to the new India”:http://www.sulekha.com/redirectnh.asp?cid=315113
(Image Stolen from “Dancing with the Dogs”:http://www.madhoo.com)

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