Forgotten Indians: Udham Singh

bq. The massacre of innocent Indians at Jalianwala Bagh was commanded by Brigadier-General Reginald E. H. Dyer. Some 1,650 rounds were fired over 10-15 minutes: an estimated 379 protesters were killed and over 1,200 wounded. Sir Michael O’Dwyer, who was The Governor of the Punjab region, supported the massacre but it was condemned at an official inquiry in 1920. Dyer was forced to retire to Britain, but received praise from the House of Lords and a jewelled sword purchased by public subscription.
bq. On 13 March 1940, Sir Michael was one of a distinguished company at a joint meeting in the Tudor Hall, Caxton Hall, Westminster, of the East India Association and the Royal Central Asiatic Society. As the meeting was breaking up Udham Singh fired all 6 rounds of a .45 Smith & Wesson revolver into a group of people on the platform of whom O’Dwyer was a part. O’Dwyer was was hit twice in the back, and killed instantly. One bullet passing through his heart and right lung. Another bullet passed through both kidneys.
On July 31, 1940 Udham Singh was hanged to death.
[Source: “Stephen’s Study Room”:]

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