Forgotten Indians: Pazhassi Raja

Shanti has started an interesting series to bring into our attention “various freedom fighters of India”: Everyone knows Gandhi, Nehru and Bose. But there are so many people who have not receieved that kind of attention. These are people we have forgotten.

Pazhassi Raja was the king of Kottayam in Kerala in late 17th century. Following an unpopular revenue policy by the East India Company, he stopped the collection of all revenues in Kottayam. Following this the British tried to capture him. He fled to the hills and led a Guerilla war against the British, but finally he was gunned down

bq. Colonel Stevenson?s efforts early in 1801 cut off the Pazhassi Raja from his adherents in South Malabar and by May the British troops had made much headway and with every port both above and below the ghats in British hands and the whole country disarmed, the Pazhassi Raja became a wanderer in the jungles accompanied by his wife and immediate attendants.
bq. On May 24, 1804. Colonel Macleod issued a proclamation warning the people that they would be treated as rebels if they failed to furnish information about rebel movements and if they helped the Pazhassi troops with arms, ammunition or provisions. Finally the proclamation of June 16 offered rewards for the apprehension of Pazhassi Raja, two other members of his family and his principal lieutenants and declared their estates and properties confiscated from that date.
bq. On 1st November, Baber took direct charge of the operations and on November 30, 1805 he surrounded and shot the Raja dead in an operation on the banks of a nullah. The Raja?s body was cremated with ?custoBook Review: Pakistanhonours?. With the death of Pazhassi Raja, the resistance movement in north Kerala came to and end.
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5 thoughts on “Forgotten Indians: Pazhassi Raja

  1. I think thats a wicked idea. Its high time we honored the silent heros and the forgotten martyrs. We have enough love to share and respect to give that if add another hundred thousand names to our patriotic hero list, our love for names like gandhi and nehru wont even be touched.
    India has had a sad past when it comes to being ruled by foreigners, but our glory lies in the never ending strength of our people. One more reason to be proud to be an Indian.
    p.s. Love your blog. Your articles on india are wicked.

  2. Thanks for the wicked comments. We are trying to find unknown wicked people and events related to our freedom struggle. If there are people or events from your state, do send me a mail with the information. We are going to have a Special Mela on Aug 15th.

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