Forgotten Indians: Umar Khazi

Born in 1765 AD in a very righteous family, Umar Qazi was to become the pride of Kerala, the visionary poet and a just ruler. At the age of 11, he joined the Madrasa at Tanoor. At 13, he joined Ponnani Madrasa for higher studies. After completing his studies in Ponnani Madrasa, he was made the Qazi (judge) of Veliyankode.
Umar Qazi introduced the Non-Taxation Movement decades before Mahatma Gandhi, the father of nation and the unchallenged leader of Indian freedom struggle, started it. In 1805, Umar publicly announced his defiance of the British taxation system.

When the officers approached the brave hero requesting him to pay his taxes, he gave a fiery reply ?You are servants of the murderers of Tipu Sultan and destroyers of Samudiri. Almighty is the true owner of the land. I will not pay the tax?.
When the matter was informed to the Nibu Sahib, the higher officer, he sent a police officer to summon Qazi to the station.
In Nibu Sahib’s Court:
When Umar reached the station, Nibu sahib asked him, ?Are you the Qazi who refuses to pay the tax??
?Everyone on this land is bound to pay.I will exile you if you do not pay ?
?I will not pay the tax for God?s land. Do as you wish?
?You are forgetting who I am and the place you are standing?
?No. I am not prepared to pay tax. Maadha taqoolu ya batwaal? ( You fool, what did u say?). With a furious look, he jumped out of his seat and spit on the officer.
The daring son of India walked out untouched . . .
[Source: “Ponnani”:] This series is part of “15 days of Independence”: